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We combine innovative approaches and world-changing technology to deliver stunning success for our clients.

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Using innovative approaches and world-changing technology, Ziverge partners with clients to ensure that technology is an asset, not a liability—to help them achieve more, faster and better than ever before.

Ziverge was born in 2020 to help companies succeed using functional programming.

Focused around the rapidly growing ZIO open source ecosystem for functional programming in Scala 3, Ziverge provides companies the training, consulting, and development services they need to succeed in the most ambitious technology projects.

Founded by John A. De Goes, serial entrepreneur and internationally-recognized expert on Scala and functional programming, Ziverge focuses on providing clients with a powerful combination of rapid turnaround time, technical excellence, and out-of-the-box thinking.

Ziverge serves clients worldwide, with a special focus on markets in the United States and United Kingdom.

Open Source

Ziverge contributes to and supports dozens of open source projects that are improving the way companies build software.


Ziverge devotes significant time and resources to educating and mentoring the next-generation of software developers.


Ziverge provides training, consulting, and development services worldwide to help companies turn technology into an asset.


John De Goes


A mathematician by training but a software engineer by vocation, John A. De Goes has been professionally writing software for more than 25 years. John has contributed to dozens of open source projects written in functional programming languages, including ZIO, a library for asynchronous and concurrent programming in functional Scala. In addition to speaking at Strata, OSCON, BigData TechCon, NEScala, ScalaWorld, Scala IO, flatMap, Scalar Conf, LambdaConf, and many other conferences, John also published a variety of books on programming. Currently, John heads Ziverge Inc, a company committed to solving hard business problems using the power of functional programming.

Sandra Wolf


Sandra Wolf is an accomplished leader of sales and business development opportunities across product companies and outsourcing companies. Sandra combines a passion for customer success with a deep commitment to the highest standards of integrity and professionalism, which she has used to help grow the previous company’s revenue from nothing to millions of dollars. Sandra also is an organizer or co-organizer of meetups and conferences in the Scala programming language community, including Scala Lisbon, Scala Porto, and Functional Scala. As co-founder, Sandra leads sales and business development opportunities at Ziverge and assists with day-to-day operations.

Itamar Ravid

Principal Architect

Itamar Ravid is a distributed systems engineer with over a decade of experience in a wide range of technologies. He is an alumnus of an elite intelligence unit in the IDF and has worked for several companies in the big data and cybersecurity space. Itamar offers expertise in architectures for big data ingestion and analytics, stream processing systems, microservices, and DevOps and Cloud-Native technologies. Beyond expert knowledge for those subjects, he is experienced with training and mentoring teams, project planning and architecture design and best practice development for scaling development processes. Itamar is also an avid open source contributor, and maintains several libraries in the Scala ecosystem - primarily, ZIO Streams and ZIO Kafka.

Adam Fraser

Solutions Architect

Adam Fraser is a software engineer passionate about using the power of functional programming to solve hard business problems. He is one of the top contributors to ZIO, a library for asynchronous and concurrent programming in functional Scala. Adam is the co-author of the ZIO Test and the author of ZIO Query. He is a regular conference speaker, writer, and mentor to other software developers regarding functional programming.

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