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Big & Fast Data

Deploy advanced and resilient data, analytics, and ML pipelines that power your applications or business.

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We offer training, consulting, and development across the best open source technologies and cloud platforms, with a special focus on the next-generation ZIO ecosystem.

Big & Fast Data



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Uri May


Ziverge delivered bulletproof infrastructure

With Ziverge's tech leadership, Hunters was able to tackle challenges and technologies that in normal cases would be inaccessible for a young startup. Ziverge's vast experience in designing complex data pipelines was an amazing shortcut for us; combined with its holistic approach around training, team building, documentation, etc. Ziverge is a true game-changer.

Jan de Groot

DHL Parcel Netherlands - Head of Development

ZIO lets us focus on business logic

Last year, we started using ZIO, as a superior alternative to tagless-final and Monad transformers. ZIO is a powerful effect monad with a lot of combinators, interop with important libraries, and new integrations with OpenTracing and logging. ZIO lets us focus on our business logic, making it easier to understand and test, and there is no doubt ZIO will be one of the significant parts of Scala infrastructure over the coming years!

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John De Goes


A mathematician by training but a software engineer by vocation

Sandra Wolf


Accomplished leader of sales and business development opportunities

Itamar Ravid

Principal Architect

Distributed systems engineer with over a decade of experience in a wide range of technologies.


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