Scala for Java Developers

Translate your knowledge of Java to fluency in Scala.

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Scala is a powerful programming language , used by Twitter, the Spark open source project, and many companies across ad tech, fin tech, and gaming. Yet Scala has features that Java and other object-oriented programming languages do not have. In addition, its support for multiple programming paradigms can make it difficult for teams to develop an approach to writing code in Scala to maximize productivity.

In this two day course, Java developers will learn how to translate existing knowledge of Java features into knowledge of Scala features. In addition, developers will learn an idiomatic approach to writing code in Scala that captures the vast majority of the benefits of Scala in reducing bugs and increasing developer productivity while making code pleasant to write and easy to introduce to new team members. Java developers will come away from this program ready to hit the ground running in migrating existing projects to Scala or implementing new projects in Scala in a simple, productive way that will stand the test of time.

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Who Should Attend

Java programmers who want to translate their knowledge to Scala.


Experience with Java.


  • Scala build tools
  • Scala compiler
  • Scala REPL
  • Packages & code organization
  • Variables, literals, & expressions
  • Classes & traits
  • Methods
  • Inheritance
  • Case classes & sealed traits
  • Pattern matching
  • Higher order functions
  • Collections
  • Error types
  • Basic implicits
  • Effect types
Last year, we started using ZIO, as a superior alternative to tagless-final and Monad transformers. ZIO is a powerful effect monad with a lot of combinators, interop with important libraries, and new integrations with OpenTracing and logging. ZIO lets us focus on our business logic, making it easier to understand and test, and there is no doubt ZIO will be one of the significant parts of Scala infrastructure over the coming years!
Jan de Groot
DHL Parcel Netherlands - Head of Development

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