Functional Effects

Learn how to solve complex problems in asynchronous, concurrent programming using the ZIO library.

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For years, actors have allowed Scala application developers to build async, concurrent, and distributed applications that are resilient, reactive, and scalable. Increasingly, however, functional effect systems like can are being used to create these types of applications, with greater type-safety, more flexibility, and increased testability.

In this course, Scala developers will learn how to solve complex problems in asynchronous, concurrent programming using the ZIO library. Upon completion of the course, attendees will be confident using the ZIO library (and similar libraries, like Monix or Cats IO) to build modern high-performance, asynchronous, concurrent applications that don't block threads, don't deadlock, and don't leak resources; and which follow best practices regarding error management, thread management, and dependency management.

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Who Should Attend

Scala developers who would like to write modern async, concurrent, and distributed applications that are robust, testable, and powerful.


Good working knowledge of Scala, including familiarity with immutable data, pattern matching, and basic recursion. Developers who have attended Functional Scala Foundations will be well-prepared for this course.


  • Laziness of functional effects
  • Escaping callback hell
  • Using the compiler to help deal with errors
  • Separating recoverable errors from non-recoverable errors
  • Separating blocking code from async code
  • Safe handling of async and concurrent resources
  • Efficient concurrency and parallelism
  • Shared concurrent state without visibility issues, deadlocks, or race conditions
  • Testing functional effects
  • Retrying and repetition
  • Resource-safe, effectful, async streaming
  • Test-friendly dependency management
Last year, we started using ZIO, as a superior alternative to tagless-final and Monad transformers. ZIO is a powerful effect monad with a lot of combinators, interop with important libraries, and new integrations with OpenTracing and logging. ZIO lets us focus on our business logic, making it easier to understand and test, and there is no doubt ZIO will be one of the significant parts of Scala infrastructure over the coming years!
Jan de Groot
DHL Parcel Netherlands - Head of Development

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