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Flink-based Analyst Workbench

Learn how we helped one client achieve a dramatic improvement in analyst productivity.

  • clientClassified
  • locationIsrael
  • industryFinancial
  • year2017-2018
  • technologyZIO, Kafka
  • achievementsMassive productivity improvements

Learn how we helped one client achieve a dramatic reduction in infrastructure costs using next-generation technology.


Ziverge was approached with the need to create a platform for running streaming analytics on event streams coming from a diverse set of sources. The requirement was for analysts to specify queries using a mixture of SQL and domain-specific constructs. For this platform, our team chose a mixture of Flink for SQL-based stream processing, and ZIO Streams for the required integrations with data sources. The platform is used day-to-day intensively by several teams of analysts, resulting in massive productivity gains through the use of the familiar SQL language and the resilience of ZIO Streams as the integration technology.

Last year, we started using ZIO, as a superior alternative to tagless-final and Monad transformers. ZIO is a powerful effect monad with a lot of combinators, interop with important libraries, and new integrations with OpenTracing and logging. ZIO lets us focus on our business logic, making it easier to understand and test, and there is no doubt ZIO will be one of the significant parts of Scala infrastructure over the coming years!
Jan de Groot
DHL Parcel Netherlands - Head of Development

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