Open Source

Ziverge is a leading contributor to ZIO, a next-generation ecosystem for quickly building robust, reactive applications that exceed expectations, increase agility, and lower maintenance costs.

Open Source

ZIO is entirely open source and is released under the commercial-friendly Apache 2 license


ZIO radically improves on actor models using new approaches to concurrency & distribution.


ZIO is one of the fastest growing ecosystems in its class with hundreds of contributors.

ZIO is rapidly changing the landscape of data and backend programming, fusing technical excellence with a relentlessly business-focused approach to solving technology problems.


What Is ZIO?

ZIO is a next-generation fabric for building async, concurrent, and distributed applications. ZIO is powered by fibers, and uses deep composition and static types to help developers rapidly build robust, reactive, powerful applications. The broader ZIO ecosystem includes modular components that rapid backend development, including solutions for GraphQL, RDBMS, NoSQL, big data, analytics, REST APIs, authentication, and much more.

Companies all around the world use ZIO to power their next-generation applications.

How ZIO Can Help

ZIO provides a next-generation fabric to build the applications of tomorrow, and is the perfect choice to modernize legacy applications that have proven troublesome to maintain and are no longer adequately meeting changing business requirements.

ZIO Ecosystem

The ZIO ecosystem is filled with dozens of libraries that quickly and reliably solve the problems your business has, in ways that make developers productive and happy.


The next-generation fabric of async, concurrent, & distributed apps.

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ZIO Streams

A ZIO package that provides concurrent streams that don't leak resources.

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A GraphQL server and client with state-of-the-art query optimizations.

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A ZIO library for purely asynchronous input/output for files & sockets.

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ZIO Keeper

A ZIO library for managing cluster set membership & distributed consensus.

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ZIO Kafka

A library for Kafka applications that integrates cleanly with ZIO Streams.

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