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Ziverge / Scalac Partnership

Ziverge partners with Scalac to accelerate client success with ZIO technologies.

04 December 2020# scala# functional programming

Partnership ensures robust support for open source ZIO ecosystem and businesses deploying next-generation solutions powered by ZIO technologies.

Ziverge / Scalac Partnership

Ziverge Inc. today announced a strategic partnership with Scalac, an international Scala development company that specializes in IT staff augmentation, FinTech, custom software development, data engineering, and blockchain.

Announced at Functional Scala 2019, and incorporated in January 2020, Ziverge was founded to help businesses turn technology into a competitive advantage using the productivity and reliability of systems engineered with functional programming techniques.

Founded by core contributors to the rapidly growing open source ZIO ecosystem, which provides a reactive and resilient fabric for building scalable, cloud-native, distributed systems, Ziverge has hired employees across Europe and America, offering open source development, consulting and architecture, and a range of targeted development and training services focused on microservices, data APIs, data engineering, and cloud-native applications.

Based on a shared vision for Scala’s potential to transform and modernize Enterprise applications, the partnership between Ziverge and Scalac will jointly grow the market for Scala development services, equip both companies with enhanced development and training capacity, and ensure a shared and strategic roadmap for growing adoption and accelerating innovation in the open source ZIO ecosystem.

Mat Gren, iCEO of Scalac, remarked on the partnership: “Scala is at the core of all our projects. We believe in its expressiveness and correctness. There are many libraries out there but ZIO seems the most aligned with the values that stand behind Scala.”

Added John De Goes, CEO of Ziverge: “We’re passionate about using functional Scala to give businesses a competitive edge with fast, reliable, cloud-native systems. To realize this vision,” John continued, “we need partners who demonstrate a commitment to open source and who know their way around the rapidly growing ZIO ecosystem.” He added, “I’ve known Scalac for years and worked with their engineers in the trenches on open source, and I believe that through this strategic partnership, we will accelerate the rate at which ZIO is becoming a competitive asset for technology-powered businesses around the world.”

The partnership secures significant ongoing investment in contributions to the open source ZIO ecosystem from both companies, including making available robust commercial support agreements that ensure businesses are fully supported as they deploy next-generation solutions powered by ZIO technologies.

Scalac will be further trained, equipped and certified to resell and teach select workshops from Ziverge, including the popular ZIO training that has brought production success to dozens of companies across Europe and America. Further, Scalac will build upon its history of educating and evangelizing open source developers on ZIO and related technologies in the ZIO ecosystem through contributing freely-available technical posts and talks to the community.

Ziverge will help co-organize conferences, meetups, and other events with the assistance and participation from Scalac. In addition, Ziverge will benefit from Scalac’s established international presence, their reach into untapped markets, and their significant development capacity.

Together, the companies will work together on a shared, strategic, and collaborative vision for improving the adoption of commercial functional programming across ZIO and related technologies, and ensuring the commercial success of clients who deploy ZIO into production.

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