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Ziverge Launches

Ziverge is now open for business worldwide.

19 April 2020# scala# functional programming

Ziverge is a new company that helps businesses tackle the hardest challenges in the world using the power of functional programming.

Ziverge Launches

Ziverge Inc. today announced the official launch of the company, incorporated in Delaware, USA. Ziverge was founded to help companies turn technology into a competitive asset, by using innovative approaches grounded in functional programming.

"Functional programming helps businesses solve complex problems in a simple way, with low defects, and increased agility," says John A. De Goes, founder and CEO of Ziverge Inc. "Slowly but surely, the paradigm is transforming the way software is developed."

Techniques from functional programming have led to revolutionary advances like Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, and Facebook's React. Yet many companies struggle to replicate these advances in their own technology projects.

"Many companies are saddled with large, buggy code bases that move slowly and become a bottleneck for creating value," says Mr. De Goes. "But functional programming gives us the ability to move fast, to move reliably, and to do more with less."

Ziverge was incorporated in early 2020 in response to the rapidly growing ZIO ecosystem, which is a new generation of technologies designed for the JVM and GraalVM. ZIO provides companies a next-generation fabric for building powerful data and backend applications—a fabric that leverages compositionality and static types to provide faster time-to-market and significantly lower total cost of ownership.

Ziverge specializes in providing commercial training, consulting, and support for the ZIO ecosystem. Additionally, Ziverge helps companies tackle complex business problems faster and more reliably by leveraging its expertise in modern technologies and commercial functional programming. Ziverge is focused on solutions spanning the big and fast data, backend, and cloud infrastructure markets.

"If you want the same outcomes, " says Mr. De Goes, "then keep building software in the same converged way. If you want a different outcome, you need to think differently. Ziverge is here to help you to do exactly that."

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