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Ziverge / Goodcover Partnership

Ziverge partners with Goodcover to develop and launch ZIO Flow

12 January 2021# scala# functional programming

Partnership to develop and release a new open source platform for orchestrating and executing long-running, fault-tolerant, stateful workflows for cloud-native applications.

Ziverge Partners With Goodcover To Launch ZIO Flow

Ziverge today announced a partnership with Goodcover to develop and release a new open source platform for orchestrating and executing long-running, fault-tolerant, stateful workflows for cloud-native applications.

Tentatively called ZIO Flow the new open source platform will help developers orchestrate microservices for mission-critical code. With a type-safe and compositional design, ZIO Flow will make it easier for developers to create and test robust workflows, which statefully interact with microservices, databases, and human agents, and which survive flakiness, software updates, and even data center failures.

An example use case for ZIO Flow might be capturing, approving, and processing expenses, with churn handover, reminders, and escalation. Another example might be assigning a ticket to an agent (with backups if the agent becomes unavailable or is terminated), with automated escalation, reminders, and resolution. Both of these use cases require the ability to orchestrate multiple fallible systems over a potentially indefinite period of time.

John A. De Goes, CEO of Ziverge, explains the impetus behind ZIO Flow: “Orchestrating complex, long-running business logic across human agents and cloud services is tedious and error prone, because you have to worry about failures, migrations, retries, rollbacks, auditing, security, and so much more.”

Mr. De Goes continues, “With ZIO Flow, we want to make it trivial to declare, test, and deploy bulletproof distributed workflows that power complex orchestration logic.”

Dan Di Spaltro, CTO at Goodcover, explains why his company chose to partner with Ziverge to deliver ZIO Flow: “Our financial security platform is mission-critical, and demands the highest standards of scalability, reliability, and availability. Ziverge has done brilliantly with the open source ZIO ecosystem, delivering innovative software and a vibrant community. As we look into 2021 and beyond, we would love to see our platform powered by the fully open source ZIO Flow technology that comes out of our partnership.”

ZIO Flow will be developed in the Scala functional programming language, with initial releases available as soon as Q2 of 2021. The project will participate in the biannual ZIO Hackathons, which are organized by Ziverge, and attract large numbers of open source contributors. Information on upcoming ZIO Hackathons is published in the monthly ZIO Newsletter.

Goodcover is a modern cooperative insurance provider making financial security accessible to all. Their first product is renters insurance starting at $5/mo. Goodcover services are powered by the Scala functional programming language, and are currently hiring for Scala engineers.

Ziverge develops and supports the ZIO open source ecosystem for building reactive, cloud-native applications. Ziverge provides training, consulting, and development services for companies worldwide, and has a proven track record of delivering and scaling Enterprise-grade open source solutions for the Scala programming language.

This partnership helps fund the development of ZIO Flow using Ziverge architectural and development resources, and Goodcover’s close supervision and early usage of ZIO Flow will help ensure ZIO Flow will be commercial-friendly and production-worthy upon release.

Further inquiries may be directed to or, and individuals interested in the progress of ZIO Flow may subscribe to the Ziverge newsletter, or watch the ZIO Flow repository on Github.

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