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Announcing the ZIO Speaker Empowerment Program

Ziverge is launching a new program to help empower new and existing speakers to share about the ZIO ecosystem.

12 May 2020# scala# functional programming# zio# meetups

No matter your experience level, Ziverge will help you share your passion with Scala developers in your area.

Ziverge has officially launched a new program that helps empower speakers to share their knowledge and passion about ZIO and related projects in the functional Scala ecosystem.

This new program is designed both for developers who would like to begin public speaking, as well as developers who are already accomplished public speakers.

The program will pair selected developers with online meetup groups around the world, and provide them help with deciding on a topic, crafting a talk title and abstract, and coming up with a well-structured outline from which the presentation can flow.

Leading the effort at Ziverge will be John A. De Goes, company founder and long-time speaker in the functional Scala community.

"Sharing your knowledge and your passion is a double win," explains John. "It helps you become a better communicator and raises awareness of your experience within the industry, but it also helps train the next level of Scala engineers."

John continues, "Everyone has something to share, and I look forward to helping Scala developers share what they know with the world."

Developers interested in the ZIO Speaker Empowerment Program may apply here, and online meetups interested in sourcing quality content may contact us.

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