BlogtechnicalPure Functional Tensorflow Model Inference with ZIO

Pure Functional Tensorflow Model Inference with ZIO

See how ZIO is powering machine learning at scale

12 August 2020# scala# functional programming# machine learning# zio# meetups

Learn how one company is using ZIO, Tensorflow, and Kafka to build robuest machine learning pipelines.

Ziverge is excited to sponsor another online meetup of ZIO San Francisco on Thursday, August 20th at 4:30 PM PDT.

Aris Vlasakakis, Senior Machine Learning Engineer at Credit Karma, will be giving a talk on "Pure Functional Tensorflow Model Inference with ZIO". He will demonstrate code to score Tensorflow models in Scala with ZIO with high concurrency. Aris will show how the model inference is just a function that composes well into the rest of the business logic. He will also demonstrate the ease of mocking out models for testing by using environmental effects and ZLayer, and of scoring either in batch (a file of feature vectors) or in streaming (a messaging system like Kafka).

Sign up here.

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