BlogtechnicalThe Rise of Loom and the Evolution of Reactive Programming

The Rise of Loom and the Evolution of Reactive Programming

Project Loom promises to upend the reactive programming ecosystem

03 September 2020# scala# functional programming# project loom# zio# meetups

Learn about the improvements that will be possible to libraries like ZIO.

On Thursday, October 22nd at 5:00 PM John A. De Goes will be giving a talk to the online meetup of ZIO London on "The Rise of Loom and the Evolution of Reactive Programming".

Reactive programming is a computing paradigm built on non-blocking concurrency, and it has played a giant role in shaping fast and scalable libraries and frameworks in the JVM ecosystem. Reactive extensions, observables, reactive streams, actors, and much more have changed the way JVM programmers build applications.

Yet in the distance, a hugely anticipated change to the JVM dubbed “Project Loom” promises to upend this massive ecosystem by bringing “green threads” to the JVM. If successful, JVM applications will have access to non-blocking concurrency without any special libraries, frameworks, or syntax—with constructs and syntax they are already familiar with.

In this presentation, John A. De Goes, author of the ZIO library for non-blocking concurrency, introduces Project Loom and highlights its importance for the future of the JVM. John then explains how Loom will change the reactive landscape, including an overview of the improvements that will be possible to libraries like ZIO.

Come discover how JVM improvements like Project Loom continue to make the JVM a top choice for server-side programming!

This Meetup is sponsored by Evolution Gaming. Evolution Gaming is a world-leader in advanced IT-solutions for video streamed live game interactions. But more importantly, it is a place where coding is an expression of art.

EVO Engineering uses modern and effective technology stack, focused on scalability, low-latency video delivery and transaction processing.

Find more information about EVO Engineering here.

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