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Testing With Scala

Learn how to spend less time writing tests and catch more bugs.

10 May 2020# courses# scala# testing

Date: 29 June - 2 July 2020
Location: Online Only

Take advantage of next-generation test frameworks to quickly write high quality tests for a large codebase.

Testing With Scala by Adam Fraser

Testing is critical to maintaining high code quality and delivering reliable solutions to the business. But modern code can be more challenging to test than ever with highly concurrent applications, numerous dependencies, and interactions between multiple systems.

In this course, developers will learn how to take advantage of next generation test frameworks to efficiently write high quality tests that cover the full range of possible states for a system and zero in issues. It goes from covering basic concepts to advanced features with a focus on helping developers understand the full range of tools available to them and how to deploy the right tool for each situation. Developers will have an opportunity to apply these skills to testing a wide array of domains ranging from actor systems to functional effects to streaming applications.



  • Defining and structuring tests
  • Zeroing in on the cause of test failures
  • Testing concurrent and asynchronous code
  • Test versus live implementations
  • Tweaking tests based on deployment environment
  • Safely using & sharing resources like database connections in tests
  • Property based testing
  • Mocks and spies
  • Dealing with flaky tests
  • Collecting and analyzing metrics from test execution


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