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Stream Processing with Scala

Write performant and efficient applications with stream processing.

15 May 2020# courses# scala# streams

Date: 15 - 18 June 2020
Location: Online Only

Learn how to use the best-of-breed stream processing frameworks to write performant and efficient applications.

Stream Processing with Scala by Itamar Ravid

Stream processing is a computing paradigm that can radically simplify many aspects of modern applications. Concurrency patterns, data transformations, analytics - streams are a good fit for them all.

In this course, developers will learn how to use stream processing in Scala for writing reactive microservices in a fully non-blocking and asynchronous manner. Beyond microservices, this course will techniques for streaming analytics and how those can be put to use with best-of-breed libraries like ZIO Streams.



  • Overview of ZIO
  • Constructing streams from static data
  • Using streams to read from external sources
  • Maintaining resource safety using streams
  • Transforming data in parallel
  • Reading from sockets and files using streams
  • Parsing and aggregating data using streams and sinks
  • Optimizing performance using streams and chunks
  • Advanced concurrency patterns
  • Structuring applications using streams
  • Testing streaming applications


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