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Functional Scala 2020 Scholarship Program

Ziverge launches an scholarship program for Functional Scala 2020

16 November 2020# scala# conferences

Everyone who needs to attend Functional Scala 2020 can do so, regardless of background or circumstances.

Functional Scala 2020 Scholarship Program

The countdown to Functional Scala 2020 is underway, and today, we are excited to announce the launch of the Functional Scala 2020 Scholarship Program.

Functional Scala 2020 packs more than 24 talks into 2 days, and is preceded by a full day of Scala 3 training taught by Ziverge CEO John A. De Goes.

The scholarship program now makes the event's high-quality content and networking available to anyone in the world, regardless of background or circumstances.

Says John A. De Goes, "The opportunities for career advancement at Functional Scala 2020 are incredible, given the training, world-class talks, and networking. Thanks to this scholarship program, every single person who needs these opportunities can now benefit from them."

The Scholarship Program builds on previous community work that Ziverge has done, aimed at making quality education more accessible to everyone worldwide.

Applicants may apply online.

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